Gartenprojekt für das 24. Internationale Gartenfestival 'Jardin de Métis' in Québec, Canada
Landschaft / Objekt / Wettbewerb
Zusammenarbeit Jinny Yu und Frédéric Pitre



Visitors are invited to enter a submerged maze: a puzzle with various possible routes and dead ends meant to confuse and challenge those who explore. At the same time, the top of the wall of the trenches, which is at ground level, allows for the possibility of deciphering the pathway with an overall view of the route before entering. Upon entering the subterranean world, visitors reach the first level of the substratum of the root system and walk around a network composed of earth and white clover representing the pattern of the roots of two trees linked by fungal mycelium.
The white clover, just as many settlers in Canada, came from Europe and took root spreading across the North American continent interacting with the ecology of the native soil. S’y retrouver invites visitors to slow down and reflect both on the root system and issues of colonialism.

Foto: JC Lemay, Ki Jun Kim, M Sylvestre
Website 'Jardin de Métis'

©JC Lemay, ©Ki Jun Kim, ©Martin Bond, ©M Sylvestre